Sustainable Eduction
Sustainability Management System Libre EIS

The Management System is a dedicated tool for schooling and education. Libre EIS supports the management of resources, quality, development, back-up systems and promotion. 
This is a perfect solution in every circumstance, especially in time of crisis.

Advantages of implementation the Libre EIS System

  • Optimal strategic resource management.
  • Support for the service business approach.
  • Support for optimization of educational organizations.
  • Works on the safety and efficiency of buildings as well as energy, water and other infrastructure.
  • Striving for energy sufficiency, including the building of own RES.
  • Reduction of expenses on water, energy, wastes and other media.
  • Improving the quality of services.
  • Accurate definition of the quality and technical requirements for contractors and products, participating in purchase and tender procedures conducted by the Unit.
  • Easier way to obtain finances from external sources, including national and international programs.
  • Huge potential for the promotion of the education with the LIBRE Foundation and its partners.
  • Improving the quality of life, health, work and increasing satisfaction among employees and clients.
  • Support for the unit’s operation in crisis, including pandemic.
  • Work on the human factor and stress reduction.
  • Optimization of work in the Net.
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