About us
LIBRE Foundation was established in 2012 as a Laboratory of Innovation in Bio and Renewable Energy. The conclusion we came to, was that Renewable Energy Sources themselves or wider Alternative Energy Sources constituted only 10% of whole energy efficiency which we need to take care of while realizing our goals and ultimately heading into the development of only 1% of the whole sustainable development.

Sustainable development is not only more rational energy, water and waste management, but also every activity affecting the mood, comfort, health, stability, economic development, optimal use of land and natural recourses, freedom and life in harmony with nature and people of all creed and nationality.

We work on research and implementation of projects, we analyze, advise, train and certify many aspects in the field of sustainable development. We analyze not only the complex processes and innovative technologies but also focus on basic changes, interaction and motivation where investments are not required. Such fundamental modifications are the core factors changing the reality and our being. We analyze in detail the human factors and possible changes people want to see in their lives. 

We promote life in harmony with nature; pure, natural, food free of any enhancers or preservatives as well as re-usable and recycled. 

We invite you to collaborate:

Universities, training and research centres working mainly with energy, environment, designing and sustainable development to train together students, auditors, designers, installers, etc. to certify them according to the unified reliable methodology. It is also feasible to run together other R&D projects and implement to the market newly developed ideas and technology, as well as run training activity together.

Government and non-governmental organizations to promote innovation in sustainable development projects together, including LIBRE certification’s accreditation, running joint projects and non-profit consultations for public institutions.

Companies to promote joint sustainable development, know-how and unified certification methodology system. In this way we can build better “sustainable tomorrow” for next generations and promote reliable, socially conscious business.

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