Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection

We ensure the safety of our users' personal data. While reading the information contained on our webpages you remain anonymous. We only collect information on the number of persons visiting particular webpages. For this purposes we use files known as cookies, which are stored on your computers. Information stored in server logs is also used to examine the number of persons visiting the portal. IP addresses are used solely for statistical purposes.

Services that require the provision of personal data

Personal data is provided when subscribing to the newsletter and submitting a question to the Migration Hotline. Only employees of the Foundation responsible for managing the Hotline and technical maintenance personnel have access to the information stored in the database. E-mail addresses stored there are not available to other entities.

Editing or deleting personal data

Any person who provides their e-mail to us, required for the servicing of the newsletter, may at any time unsubscribe.

E-mail addresses protection

We ensure you that persons providing customer service have been trained in terms of personal data protection, and your e-mail addresses are used solely for contact purposes as part of the Q&A process or to send the newsletter to its subscribers.

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