Work for Energy Auditors, worldwide
The Energy Specialist will be responsible for auditing facilities and other subjects for LIBRE certification as a part of sustainable development project.

Work for Energy Auditors, worldwide


The Energy Specialist will be responsible for auditing facilities and other subjects for LIBRE certification as a part of sustainable development project.

As a representative of the LIBRE Foundation the candidate should be able to present a clean, professional image and demonstrate the ability to clearly communicate with supervisors and facilities owners. It is required that the candidate have experience in energy efficiency auditing or designing energy efficient facilities.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Work independently to conduct energy audits - This includes traveling to the customer site location if needed, interacting with the client, performing a comprehensive assessment/audit of the facility or other subject, recommending energy saving ways, conducting energy usage data calculations, and completing corresponding documentation.
  • Working with own clients and with the clients delivered by the LIBRE Foundation and its Partners.
  • Offering certification of facilities and other subjects according to the offer given on the page
  • Where appropriate, advise customers simple low- and no-cost energy conservation measures, such as sealing air leaks and changing behavior.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Degree in engineering, technology, designing or related experience.
  • At least 1 year of experience in Energy Auditing or Designing is preferred.
  • International Energy Efficiency Auditor, or International Energy Efficiency Designer certificate is preferred. If the candidate has no certificate, we can help him/her to obtain proper documents.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all common HVAC, lighting, electrical, building envelope and industrial energy conservation measures.
  • Independently produce high-quality reports including explanations, and tables that include financial metrics (e.g. simply payback, IRR)
  • Exceptional interpersonal & communication skills and the ability to work very well with site client leadership and site facilities personnel
  • A self-starter with the ability to keep on task independently and complete reports on time
  • Excellent knowledge in using Microsoft Office products, with a particular focus on Word and Excel.


  • Working independently at your own speed remotely from home / any location.
  • Working time adapted to the availability
  • Opportunities for Self-development in international environment / team and Career Progression
  • Attractive salary usually on commission basis, but another model may also be possible.

Submit appropriate resumes/cover letters to identifying the position for which you are applying.  

Seniority Level: Associate

Industry: Renewables & Environment

Employment Type: Full-time, part time, Remote 

Job Functions: Energy auditing, Consulting, Engineering, Sales, Business Development, Customer Service


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