Piotr Kolasa
Chairman of the Board, Director

Dr. Kolasa received his Ph.D in Physics in Construction from Technical University Hamburg (TUHH), Germany, M.Sc. in Chemical and Process Engineering from University of Barcelona, Spain and Silesian University of Technology in Poland. He has also studied Renewable Energy Sources and IT Business Analytics. 

He currently works as a consultant, analyst and auditor in energy specializing in energy efficiency, alternative energy sources and sustainable development. He has over 20 years of experience in management of commercial and R&D units, energy auditing activity, teaching and working as a consultant for international projects and companies including Spain, England, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

His professional interests focus on computer simulations in energy processes, working with ergonomics in different aspects related to sustainable development and energy saving, certification and building software tools in the areas of interest. His current projects include human factor researching and certification process. In addition, he serves as a trainer and speaker on Sustainability. He was recently honored with the certificate for his outstanding contribution in reviewing for his contributions to ELSEVIER Journals: Energy Conversion and Management, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews and Energy. 

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