International Energy Efficiency Auditor
Individual certificate indicating knowledge and experience in the activity of International Energy Efficiency Auditor.

Individual certificate indicating knowledge and experience in the activity of International Energy Efficiency Auditor. The certificate is accredited by partners around the world and support the certificate owner in practicing the profession in the areas and languages recognized and presented on the certificate and verified on the website as well. The certificate allows the specialist to audit all subjects in the described assortment and apply for LIBRE subject’s certification for the final client. The specialist has a right to offer auditing and certification representing LIBRE Foundation after signing collaboration agreement.

Every auditor is assessed individually basing on experienced areas and languages. In the areas of activity each certificate can include:

  • Buildings
  • HVAC installations
  • Technology
  • Electricity
  • Water management
  • Waste management
  • Transport and logistics
  • Human factor
  • Computer simulations
  • Contracting and invoicing
  • Legal and concession aspects
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Cogeneration
  • Sorption systems
  • IT & automation
  • Business analytics
  • Project management
  • Research & development

Each certificate may cover one or more substantive areas and languages. Areas are verified on the basis of current experience and competence, training and examinations. Foreign languages are added on the basis of certificate, which corresponds to a minimum language knowledge level C1. The areas can also be updated anytime, if the owner shows higher qualifications.

All certificates are renewable once annually. Every person can verify certificates on our website and print to actual confirmation.

Owner of the certificate should make every effort to perform projects reliable in accordance with the agreement with local and international law and continuously try to improve the quality of products like audits, projects and installations. Every specialist should show at least one action updating his experience and knowledge per year. That means one course and one project done. In the case of unreliable work or insufficient quality or violation of the law, the certificate may be temporarily suspended, canceled and in special cases of activity to the detriment of the Project of LIBRE Foundation the owner can enter the list of certificates bearing the inscription “Violation of rules”. Which means they are no more recommended by LIBRE Foundation nor our partners.

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